About LDUC

Lovisenberg Diaconal University College (LDUC) was the first Norwegian college to offer a nursing degree.

Published 16. Mars 2020, 14:07

Last updated 19. Mars 2021, 13:50

At Lovisenberg Diaconal University College we educate nurses and specialist nurses. We offer master's programs, postgraduate education for several groups of health professionals, and work with professional development and research on health, disease and pedagogy.


Lovisenberg Diaconal University College (LDUC) has since the beginning of 1868 focused on educating nurses. Today we are an educational institution with a total of 1000 students centrally located on St. Hanshaugen in Oslo. We offer the following studies:
  • Bachelor in Nursing
  • Postgraduate Education in Palliative Care
  • Postgraduate Education in Theatre Nursing
  • Master's Degree in Advanced Clinical Nursing with Specialization in Intensive Care or General Nursing Care
We are the only educational institution in Norway offering master' degree in newborn nursing.
Our bachelor's degree in nursing is in demand, and one of the most difficult to get into across the country. Our students are attractive in the labour market.


The research at LDUC is concentrated on three areas: patient-oriented clinical research, health services research and educational research. Currently, these groups are active:
  • Patient experience, user involvement, care and treatment.
  • Educational research focusing on competence development through skills learning and simulation.
  • Educational research focusing on competence development and quality in nursing education.
  • Quality and patient safety in the health service.

Our values

Our values are quality and charity. The value words are our red thread in meeting with students and partners in the health services. Quality and charity commit to the working environment at LDUC and how we solve our social work. We strive for quality with professional competence, openness and responsibility. We express charity with respect, care and solidarity.

Our diaconal identity

We carry our story: We are Norway's first nursing education and started as part of the international diaconist movement. Our reasoning is motivated by a view of man and human rights justified in Christianity. In meeting today's society and health care, it means we want to help lift human intrinsic dignity, especially in those situations where this is threatened.

We think it's important to

  • Be a practice-oriented college that qualifies for knowledge-based and professional care of high quality
  • Educate to make good choices where different values must be weighed against each other
  • Contribute to attention in situations where human beings can be threatened, qualify for health services for vulnerable and marginalized groups in society, and meet the needs of migrants for health care in an inclusive manner
  • Have ambitions for comprehensive care as society describes that good care services should be, with competence in physical, mental, spiritual and social needs
  • Contribute to the research-based knowledge that forms the basis of our education programs

Therefore, we enter our study offerings

  • A solid basis for assessing, deciding and acting as a nurse / specialist nurse
  • Experiences through meeting with services dealing with vulnerable and marginalized groups
  • Training in putting words on ethical dilemmas and argue for value-based solutions
  • System knowledge about health and welfare services
  • Competence in communicating with patients / users and with managers and decision-makers, in order to be able to listen and provide with health care and information

New technology - for a digital future

In 2013, LDUC launched a new skills center and university college building. The venues are adapted to optimal use of simulation and new teaching technology. The new university building provides attractive and appropriate facilities for nursing education, with auditoriums, classroom, library and learning center, meeting and group rooms and offices.
Less visible than building mass is the change that is taking place through network and cloud based solutions for information dissemination, collaboration and sharing culture, and digital services that make education more flexible. In a society with increased use of welfare technology, and with a rapid evolution in digitization, the work tools in the study world are helping to shape the students to shape tomorrow's healthcare.

The Lovisenberg area

In the Lovisenberg area, hospitals, municipal health services and university colleges live in close proximity. Lovisenberg is an area of development as population growth in Oslo City requires greater capacity for health services, including at Lovisenberg Diakonal Hospital. The surrounding areas provide insight into the results of health-promoting, preventive and treatment services, which means more health and quality of life in life. We believe that the students at LDUC take a lot of time into working life from what is happening in and around the Lovisenberg area.