The research carried out at Lovisenberg Diaconal University College (LDUC) should be of high quality and in keeping with the College’s profile. Both collaborative projects with the clinical field and scientific knowledge development are among of the College’s priorities.

Published 16. Mars 2020, 14:07

Last updated 19. Mars 2021, 13:51

LDUC has three main areas of research:

  • Patient centred clinical research                    
  • Health service research
  • Pedagogical research

The research is organized in four research groups that focus on various subjects within these three areas. Read more about our research groups here.

The aim is to produce new knowledge or processes that contributes to improve the health services at the systemic and individual levels as well as strengthen and develop the College’s training programmes.

Centre for Clinical Nursing Research

The Centre for Clinical Nursing Research at LDUC is mandated to initiate and run research projects, including umbrella projects, both in-college and external collaborative projects. The Head of Research leads the Centre in collaboration with the professors. Members of the Centre participate in discussions regarding research projects and provide supervisors. Supporting the research groups and establishing a mentoring programs for LDUC staff are key priorities 2017-2018.