Educational research focusing on competence development and quality in nursing education

The research group's starting point is productive interactions between the university college LDUC and clinical practice partners to strengthen the quality in nurse education.

Published 16. Mars 2020, 14:07

Last updated 2. November 2023, 12:11

Gruppebilde av forskningsgruppen Pedagogisk forskning med fokus på kompetanseutvikling og kvalitet i sykepleierutdanningen

In line with Parliamentary Report No. 11 (2015) we want our research to contribute to increased quality in nurse education. Based on the National Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning, colleges are required to provide students with the knowledge and skills required for them to succeed in their chosen profession (Ministry of Education, 2011).

About the group

The group members are all registered nurses with experiences from various clinical contexts. The members are experienced using various approaches within both quantitative and qualitative research designs. Quality in education related to professional practice is the group members' shared research interest.

The research group's objectives 2017-2020:

The group's goal is within a three year period to establish an "umbrella" project which will encompass the group members' projects. A communal group research interest is to develop projects that help further the students’ clinical competence and skills, and advance the clinical practice studies in nurse education.