Patient experience, user involvement, care and treatment

The focus of this research group is the patient's experience of living with illness, being in need of care and treatment, as well as user involvement.

Published 16. Mars 2020, 14:07

Last updated 24. Oktober 2023, 12:23

Gruppebilde av forskningsgruppen Komplekse pasienttilstander, samhandling og erfaringer (KOMPASS-e)

Patient-reported outcomes such as symptoms and quality of life are also part of the research group's area of interest. The research involves children and adults from both primary and specialist health services. The patients may have experiences with acute and critical illness, rehabilitation, chronic disease or being in the palliative phase. Examples of patients are Ill newborns and their parents, patients with COPD, cancer or mental illness, intensive care patients or surgical patients  who are involved in accelerated patient progress. Qualitative and quantitative methods and different types of literature studies (review) are used as a method. The research is carried out in collaboration with recognized national and international research groups and networks.

About the group

The group members are registered nurses with a broad professional background and clinical experience. They have sound experience in using quantitative and qualitative research approaches. The group meets regularly and discuss both joint and individual projects.

The research group's objectives 2017-2020:

  • Be a venue for constructive feedback during all parts of the research process to increase the quality of the research conducted
  • Connect with research collaborators nationally and internationally who may contribute as external group members
  • Contribute to an increased number of published papers on user involvement, care and treatment
  • Write a research-based anthology (2018-2019)
  • Write a research proposal for a group project (2020)