Quality and patient safety in the health service

The focus of this research group is the quality of the health care services and patient safety.

Published 16. Mars 2020, 14:07

Last updated 24. Oktober 2023, 13:50

Gruppebilde av forskningsgruppen Kvalitet og pasientsikkerhet i kommunehelsetjenesten ved LDH

The increasing number of elderly persons and people with chronic illnesses requires a continuous development and evaluation of the health care services. Roles and functions, service needs in a multicultural society, the relationship between levels of health care services, and correlation between with quality and patient safety are key elements in the group members' research interests. The health services are studied from different perspectives, at different levels and with different research methods. This opens for a diverse description and understanding of health care services. A focus on advanced clinical nursing is included in the group’s research activities.

About the group

The group members are registered nurses with varied experiences from different parts of the health care services. The group is constituted of researchers with both quantitative and qualitative methodological expertise, as well as various theoretical approaches relevant for this field of research. This range of metodological and theorethical interests is one of the group’s strengths.

Research group's objectives 2017-2020:

  • Establish joint projects within the research group's thematic areas
  • Connect research partners locally, nationally and internationally
  • Contribute to an increased number of published papers on health care services research
  • Provide knowledge in the field of advanced clinical nursing / general nursing