Erasmus Policy Statement

In 2013 Lovisenberg Diaconal University College was awarded with an Erasmus University Charter for the Erasmus+ program

Publisert 28. Januar 2020, 20:14

Sist oppdatert 11. April 2023, 14:52

Lovisenberg Diaconal University College's international strategy

LDUC support internationalisation as an essential element of quality in higher education and research.

The international policy at LDUC is integrating international and intercultural dimensions into teaching and research to improve the quality and relevance of higher education

LDUC has long tradition of collaboration with foreign institutions and have agreements with universities in four continents. LDUC is a diaconal institution in Nursing and healthcare. The University college work near to the practice area and are interested in global health issues. LDUC wants, through our values, to focus on vulnerable and low priority groups in the society.

LDUC have focus on mutual benefit of international contacts, including common research and development projects.

The objectives of LDUC regarding international collaboration are stated in our Strategic Plan:

  • Develop the international engagement and collaboration to the benefit of all partners to the agreements Strengthen collaboration with international research environment
  • Be an attractive partner for international collaboration
  • Participate in international networks for higher education
  • Maintain the number of students study abroad and increase the exchange number of teachers.
  • LDUC will improve the presentation in English on LDUC’s homepage and make access to the different programs in English language
  • LDUC will increase the number of exchange students and staff members coming to LDUC, specially from outside the Nordic countries

Expected impact of our participation in the program on the modernisation of our institution

  1. lncreasing attainment levels to provide the graduates and researchers Europe needs
  2. lmproving the quality and relevance of higher education
  3. Strengthening quality through mobility and cross-border cooperation
  4. Linking higher education, research and business for excellence and regional development
  5. lmproving governance and funding
  6. LDUC agrees to the principle of the Charter and the institution will work towards achieving these objectives by participating in key action i, student and staff mobility at this stage.